Frequently asked questions:

Q:  Does insurance cover Chiropractic care?

A:  We do accept many insurance plans at our office, but you need to contact your insurance provider to ask them specifically about your coverage.  

Q:  If I don't have insurance that covers Chiropractic care, can I still come in for care?

A:   A large percentage of our patients either don't have Chiropractic coverage or elect not to even bother with their insurance for care. Insurance plans can have high deductibles or strictly limit the care you can receive, so many patients choose not to utilize their insurance. We have very affordable care for those not using any insurance.

Q:  I was in a car accident and I want to get checked out by a Chiropractor.  Will auto insurance cover my Chiropractic care.

A:  Auto insurance typically covers Chiropractic care.  It is important to verify this before starting care, but our office can assist you with this.  

Q: Can I use my HSA and/or my FLEX plan to pay for Chiropractic care?

A: Absolutely! Our services should qualify for coverage with HSA and FLEX.  Our office can assist you in this process if needed.  Most HSAs and FLEX accounts will allow you to purchase Chiropractic "equipment" from our office as well.  Examples: pillows, back supports, therapeutic homecare equipment, pain relief gels...

Q:  What is a typical visit like at Main Street Chiropractic & Laser Pain Relief, LLC?

A:  At your initial visit, we will go through a complete health history and physical exam to evaluate the need for Chiropractic care and/or Laser Therapy.  If we determine that our care is appropriate for you, we will discuss a treatment plan and proceed with treatment that day.  A typical treatment may consist of: spinal manipulations/adjustments/mobilizations, deep tissue laser therapy, stretching, heat/ice, muscle stimulation, manual traction, and spinal/ postural exercises.  We typically prescribe home care stretches and exercises as well as recommendations for improving posture and ergonomics. 

Q:  Do children need Chiropractic care?

A:  We treat children every day at Main Street Chiropractic & Laser Pain Relief, LLC.  Parents bring their kids in for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons are: repetitive falls from learning to walk, too much time in a poor position in a car seat, aches and pains associated with youth athletics, maintenance/wellness care to stay healthy and feeling well.  Treatments for children vary, but are typically very gentle.  

CURRENTLY DEAN, PHYSICIANS PLUS, UNITY, HUMANA, AND BC/BS ARE NOT ALLOWING ANY NEW IN-NETWORK PROVIDERS. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY AND REQUEST THAT WE BECOME NETWORK PROVIDERS.  **The doctors have met with numerous Wisconsin lawmakers about the "any willing provider" provision to allow patients access to the Chiropractor of their choice in regards to these networks, so hopefully these "closed" networks will open in the future!***